+*B SG Saada Gandoph Gado

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Sire: +*B Saada Winter White Wapiti (Dam GCH Saada Cimmeron Sage 12*M GCH LA 5-03 E90 12*M)
Dam: SGCH Saada Lemon Albedo 5*M ( SGCH, LA 7-00 E92 5*M)

Red/brown with black trim

We were so glad to have been able to settle Farajah to Gandolph this past fall and so add two new daughters to our herd!  He still does great work, even from the "tank"!

Gandolph came back to us the last two and a half years of his life.  We'd sold him as a kid, but were delighted to have this last son of our great doe Albedo, to use.  We weren't disappointed.  We only wish he would have survived longer.  But  we're grateful to have had five daughters, and several sons, and love the long, tall, dairy, elegance that he gave to them.  His daughter Jazeez was 1st with 1st udder 2006 National Show Yearling. Levitica, another daughter, was 1st/2nd uddered four year old at the 2009 National Show.  Pictured here is his daughter, Jazeez.  

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